Best Wall Art for Your Living Room


What brings life into your living room? Is it a beautiful painting, a memorable photograph, an elegant drawing or the interesting sculpture you bought at an auction? Whatever the case, wall art brings life to your living room.

There is a wide variety of wall art suitable for your living room but choosing the best for your living room is what matters. The best wall art affects the room’s feeling and selecting it depends on a few reasons. Here are 3 tips to help you make the best choice for your living room and yearning for your living environment any time you are away.

1. Pick A Complimentary Wall Color

I am sure we know color plays a significant role in the appeal of artwork on the eye. In this case the wall color where art hangs, influences the beauty and characteristics of the work. Even a masterpiece looks out of place with the wrong background colors. Therefore, choosing wall art fitting your living room’s color scheme is important. Tip: Try placing complementary colors together like blue and orange or using a tetradic scheme like orange, green and purple.

Best Wall Art for Your Home

2. Size Up Your Living Room

Concrete living room Wall Art

Living room size brings in 2 key design principles, balance and proportion when deciding which wall art to put in your living room. Smaller rooms can make large wall art pieces seem out of balance with the room’s arrangement.  While larger, expansive living rooms will feel out of proportion if using an 8 x 10 as the art centerpiece. Therefore, pay close attention to living room size relating to balance and proportion of the room. 

Tip: In smaller rooms, try using a gallery wall to improve the style and make the space feel more open.

3.Define Your Decorating Style

When it comes to decorating, you must understand your living room goals before selecting wall art. Furniture, fixed fixtures, and lighting all affect how art displays in real time.

High contrasting color and décor finishes can improve your appreciation for your art choice. Incorporating the texture and patterns of the living room increase the attention of your personal decorating style and choice.

Tip: Make sure your wall art compliments your personality and not only your decorating style.

You can tell choosing the best art for your living room is not complex but does need reflection and planning. We hope these 3 tips help you bring your living room to life with the right choice of wall art.

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