2020 Color of the Year - Navy Tufted Sofa

Top 3 Benefits of Sherwin Williams 2020 Color of the Year

Today, not only are we evaluating how a home looks, but how a home makes us feel.  We want a relaxing as well as a comfortable home providing a place for us to escape daily stressors.

It’s no secret the right color scheme can magically transform an interior. Leading paint companies and top color consultants continually experiment with colors. They also announce an official color every year to influence trends for interior design.

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin Williams, predicts the next decade to incorporate more bold colors. Proving the authenticity of her statement, she announced the Sherwin Williams 2020-color of the year: Naval – a bold shade of blue. Naval is the new trendy, neutral which goes with everything.

Let’s discuss how Sherwin Williams 2020-color of the year can benefit you:

3 Significant Benefits of Sherwin Williams 2020-Color of the Year

Naval Brings a Rich History

Naval is trustworthy and dependable. Apart from this, it brings a rich history as a member of the blue hue family. Before paint companies harnessed the power of laboratories, making the blue color was difficult as the pigments were hard to come by. Ancient Egyptians made the first synthetic blue paint used to color the headdress of the pharaohs.

Historically, blue has long connections from Chinese emperors to British monarchs. Naval inherited its name from the uniforms worn by the British Royal Navy during the 1700s. During this time, a fashionable way to display wealth was extravagantly decorating homes with different shades of blue.

Naval carries a message of confidence, authority, responsibility, stability, and power with itself. Steeped in a rich history, it creates the elegance and sophistication to bring a regal look to any home.

Offers Versatility in Design Approach

At one minute energetic and joyful, the next minute restful and soothing, Sherwin Williams 2020-color of the year is the new black dress of the interior designing. Naval offers great versatility in design because it can easily pair with most colors and finishes.

Let’s dive into the reasons Naval makes the perfect neutral color. According to the Munsell Color Notation, a color has 3 characteristics:

  1. hue (color)
  2. value (light or dark)
  3. chroma (levels of saturated or unsaturated)

Lori Sawaya, owner of The Land of Color, developed the colorography lab to help color designers as well as enthusiasts visual Sherwin Williams paints according the Munsell color notation.

According to the colorograph, the Munsell color notation for Naval is Hue-4.00 PB, Value-3.15 and Chroma-2.00. Naval is a mixture of two hues as it belongs to the purple-blue family. The other information tells us Naval is a cool, dark color. It lives on the cool side of the color wheel. Its value is closer to black. Also, its low chroma shows it’s less saturated with blue.

All these characteristics help Naval shine as a neutral color. This allows you to create any mood you want in your home – whether it’s bold and daring or smooth and calming. Besides that, you can never go wrong with Naval color. Its versatile appeal can create a personalized interior for every home ranging from small to large. It also pairs well with luxurious finishes like marble and mixed metallic. These finishes are gaining great popularity at this time.

Sherwin Williams Naval Colorography Lab

Intrinsically Connects Our Psyche to Nature

As humans, we intrinsically need our psyche to feel a connection to nature. It’s about slowing down a bit to enjoy nature’s beauty and finding ways to bring it indoors.

Try pairing Naval, Something Blue, Fusion and Quiet Coral to bring a peaceful, relaxing, fresh springtime look to your home. This color palette is sure to provide you a tranquil and serene environment inspired by a Texas Bluebonnet spring.

Another way to bring the outdoors, indoors and connect with nature is use the night sky as a muse in your bedroom and paint your walls with naval. This color helps you to collect your thoughts and encourages you to live more mindfully in an era where people overburdened with advanced gadgets and technology.

Sherwin Williams pick is naturally relaxing, infusing a sense of peace and relaxation in homes. People want to feel calm and grounded to protect their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Naval aids in this seemingly well.

Texas Blue Bonnets

Wrap Up

Naval is a fluid and stately color. You can experiment with it and create a look unique to you. Being on the darker spectrum of the blue hue family, it’s a great neutral color to pair with most colors available. On the other hand, it’s versatile enough to use throughout your home’s entire color scheme. You can come up with different looks to keep a balance between a cozy and bold look.

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