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If you’ve been agonizing over how to get started with your design project,
Jamila Mubdia has got you covered!


E-design, also known as online interior design, is a great way for you to achieve a professionally decorated home in a time-efficient and budget-conscious manner. We collaborate entirely through my personal online platform to create a unique and personal design plan. I love to save people money, so I look for the best deals possible. Additionally, I can extend a portion of my trade discounts to you.

Why Choose Jamila Mubdia
Color & Design Studio?

We recognize that you have a variety of e-design platforms to choose from in today’s digital age. When you make the choice to work with us, you get a personalized, boutique experience with all the perks of a local designer.

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I do not create architectural/construction plans for renovations. My service provides you the opportunity to visual complete ideas of your space based on photos and measurements provided by my clients. Plans only serve as a visual reference to help my clients implement a design plan.

State laws and the requirements for interior design professionals vary; therefore, my plans are strictly for decor and design that you can do yourself. If you need professional installation for lighting, painting or construction, please contact the appropriate licensed contractor for the job.

Save Time & Money on Interior Design

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you can access Jamila Mubdia’s high-quality, professional interior design services at a fraction of what it costs to bring a designer into your home.


Looking to take a room from 0-60 in less than a month? This comprehensive e-design package includes a one-on-one discovery call on Facetime, access to a collaborative design file, a concept board, a floor plan, a 3D render and more.


If you don’t need the 3D visualization, the simplified room refresh package will fit you like a glove, as it includes all the features from the full-service package, but without the 3D render.

Design process typically takes 2-4 weeks.
A final check on photos of your completed room and suggestions for any adjustments.

*Open concept floor plans: dining/ living room areas are priced separately.

*One complementary revision included. All other revisions are subject to additional fees at $125 per hour.

*Discounted retail pricing available only with complementary shopping service on trade items.

How it Works
Review my Letter of Agreement/Terms of Service and make payment using the purchase button.
Email you a New Project and lighting Questionnaire and download Color picker.
Upload images, room measurements.
Now we’re starting the fun part! I will create a room layout and concept board for your review. If you have some adjustments you would like to make, I will offer up to 3 options per piece on your project web page. You can put “likes” or comments on each so we can discuss what you like and dislike. (Any options over 3 are subject to additional fees).
If you like your layout and concept board, we proceed to the 3D render and final design package with set up instructions and a shopping list. This usually happens within 5 days.

Everything will be uploaded
to your personal page on our website.

After you set up your room, I provide a complimentary final look at your space via video conferencing and suggestions for any adjustments if you send me your “after” photos.

Feel Free to give me a call about your color needs and we can discuss a custom quote if you have color requirements that don’t quite fit my standard packages.
call: 832-699-1170
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