3 Guilt Free Design Tips To Update Your Office Space

Do you spend most of your days working in a dull and lifeless office space? Companies and home-based businesses are recognizing the importance of stylish office décor in promoting a relaxed and productive work atmosphere.

You might not have budget like Amazon, but you can use our 3 guilt free design tips to make your office space exciting.

Below are 3 design tips to help you carry out your next office update.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Office Space

Research shows employees are more productive in relaxed and comfortable environments.  Bland and bureaucratic workplace décor stunts creativity. Designing your office starts with setting the right mood.

Colors play a significant role in this step. Color therapy is not a mainstream treatment for improving health, but alternative medicine uses color therapy to improve mental and physical health. What colors are the walls painted in your office? What colors are the furniture and art pieces? Each color plays a significant role in defining the mood of people in the workplace.

If you want to promote happy, calm and creativity environments, it is key to pick colors embodying these traits like yellow, blue, and green. Since no rules control what colors you enjoy, find what works for you and your team and test what works best.

Female hands choosing a color fabric pattern

Hang Up Artwork

Elegant Woman Hanging Painting in Art Gallery

Art is an affordable way to transform the overall look of your office space. You may not have the budget to buy an original Basquiat, but you can use photographs and fine art prints.

If there is no space to hang large artwork on your walls, try mixing smaller pieces to create an art wall. This technique can improve the general outlook and mood of your office. You can also experiment with various DIY projects if you are crafty.

There is no limit to the mediums used to create art. Whether it’s a watercolor painting, print reproduction, original painting, or something creative from an art class, the nature of art will create warmth in the room.


Reorganize your Office Space

Living in a major metropolitan area may limit the size of your space and budget.  If you live in a small space, you can still make it cozy and full of life.

To do this, start with reorganizing. Reorganizing your space can be refreshing. It gives you a new perspective on your space and life. A clean couch and a reorganized filing cabinet can help to improve your mood. Consider investing in technology to do away with piles of paper.


What guilt free tip can you use to update your office today? Share with us in the comment section.

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