Jamila Mubdia Color & Design Studio

“There’s a story behind all design pursuits. This is ours.”


In Arabic, Jamila Mubdia means Beautiful Innovator, and we believe this perfectly describes the soul and ethos of our brand.

Through our innovative, creative expressions, we discover and uncover beauty through color, and create imaginative spaces that elicit powerful emotions through vibrant modern designs.

Our goal is to capture the vivacity and beauty of design through color and décor that can be shared with the people around us. We don’t just create spaces in your home or workplace…we create connected experiences.

Jamila Mubdia was founded by artist and photographer Stacey D. Moore, who channels her former career as a pediatric surgeon into empathetic, enjoyable and vibrant pieces of art.

Fueled by colorful, creative expression, we stay true to design that makes you feel and offer only innovative, colorful services. To do this, we focus on:


Intelligent Solutions


Flexibility and Adaptability


Unique Experiences


Elegance of Style


Optimism and Joy

Color and design breathes life
that must extend to our entire world.

We blend Conventional Expertise with Unconventional Brilliance…

At Jamila Mubdia, we take color and design and make it speak directly to your soul.
The results speak for themselves.

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