5 Ways to Create a Modern Eclectic Interior

5 Ways to Create a Modern Eclectic Interior

Are you a fan of red bricks, quirky figurines, and modern styles? You must find it hard to categorize your aesthetic sense into one box and define it to other people. Having a love for multiple styles and ideas beyond traditional classifications is known as eclectic design.

Some people appreciate laidback coastal styles, while others are huge fans of modernity and finer things. Many people think that mixing distinctive styles of design can be unpleasant and chaotic, but we have a different view on the subject. Having an eclectic style allows you to creatively select from your favorite styles and put them together in an orderly fashion. In fact, you need to be more careful and thought-out when using an eclectic style than when using a conventional style.

As we approach summer, most people are probably planning to revamp their homes. If you’re a fan of modern eclectic style, read the following ground rules for how to reset your space.

1. Create Symmetry and Maintain Balance

One of the most important design principles to incorporate when following any style is symmetry. Not only does it bring order to your room, but it also gives the room definition.

Symmetry helps balance the room and prevents the design from looking cluttered.

It also simplifies the décor process and creates a sense of order. When you are putting together a room, make sure that every piece serves a purpose. This prevents over-designing and helps connect all the elements naturally.

2. Stick to a Single Color Palette

Although eclectic design means drawing from various sources, we recommend you stick to a monochromatic color palette. We highly recommend that you start with a color speaking to you and the lighting constraints of your space. Then add different variations of your chosen color to increase the depth. Neutral colors help to tie everything together and create harmony when you are adding different styles to one space.

3. Mix and Match Different Furniture Styles


Once you’ve decided on a color palette for your room, it’s time to add furniture. Is it possible to have a farmhouse style chair with a modern coffee table next to it? Yes! The key is to add furniture in a way that looks cohesive and intentional as opposed to erratic and scattered. 

Even if you’re picking from different style categories, you should tie everything together.

4. Use Statement Accessories to Add Spice

Having a common theme within the room is crucial to cohesively adding accessories of different styles, yet a few statement pieces won’t hurt. You can add lamps, paintings, vases, and chandeliers to give the room a fresh outlook.

Again, don’t forsake balance when choosing statement accessories. Include a few, but don’t go overboard because doing so might overwhelm the entire design. Keep your statement pieces as the centers of attention but in areas where they blend with the design.

5. Keep it interesting but under control

Mixing and matching different styles can get messy. People think that just by throwing in all your favorite décor pieces, they can create something worth admiring; however, that is far from the truth.

Diversity is not a synonym for disorganization. Diversity means that whatever you choose should coordinate with the overall look and feel of the room. There should be commonality between different aspects of the design even if they are drawn from different eras.

When designing, you should follow the rule “less is more.” Remember, you can be interesting without being cluttered.

We hope that the rules discussed were helpful in showing you how to nail a modern eclectic-style home. Eclectic style is a highly personalized form of aesthetic, but it requires planning and careful thinking to create a look that is chic, approachable, and unique.

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