Kid-Friendly Mid-Century Design

8 Super Useful Tips for Kid-Friendly Mid-Century Modern Design

Do you dream of having a magazine-worthy modern home interior where everything is picture-perfect? However, you have young children and it’s a challenge to preserve even a neatly organized room. Your home is a family-friendly environment where the kids can play, and you can have plenty of storage space with grown-up style. When there are young children at home, and you’re looking for a stylish, yet kid friendly interior design style. A great solution is to incorporate a modern kid-friendly mid-century design for your home.

Mid-century modern design became popular after World War II and has kept its popularity here in the Greater Houston region.  Mid-century modern design includes clean lines in the architecture and minimalistic furniture with inspirational color use.

Let’s have a look at some great tips to incorporate a kid-friendly mid-century modern design in your home decor:

Top 8 Tips to Have a Kid-Friendly Mid-Century Modern Design

Design a ‘Kid Only’ Zone

Create a ‘kid only’ zone within the living room to help smaller children feel special they have a place all their own to play and keep toys organized. This helps keep them close to you while giving you room to enjoy your interior décor. Reserve another space or room in your home for older children to enjoy the mid-century modern look too.

Use Baskets for Storage

Place beautiful baskets and storage pieces in their room. Get creative and use this technique for bonding with your kids. Develop games teaching the importance of placing toys back in the baskets once they finish with them. Besides that, you can go for fun colors and create a mix of kid-friendly mid-century modern drawers, cabinets, and shelf designs as storage alternatives for kids. The attractive colors and unique storage pieces are helpful for instilling organization and cleaning skills in children.

Kid-friendly Mid-Century Design for Home
Chalkboard Wall for Kids

Select Rounded Furniture Pieces for Home

Younger kids love to run around and play. This increases the risk of them finding a corner to bump into. That’s why, it’s best to go for rounded, kid-friendly mid-century modern furniture pieces. Choosing a rounded furniture with no sharp corners reduces the chances of injuries and let you live stress-free life.

Appoint a Wall for Kids Art

To keep your walls safe at home, it’s best to appoint specific art walls for little ones prone to drawing on walls. Benjamin Moore offers kid-friendly chalkboard paint to help you wash off all the crayons, chalks, and markers easily. Allow them to hang their art and paintings on the wall when complete.

Go for Bamboo or Corking Flooring

New flooring alternatives like cork and bamboo are kid friendly, easy to maintain and pair with mid-century modern design. Traditionally, carpets were popular for flooring solutions in environments where kids spend time. Research shows carpeting can give off harmful chemicals and increase allergens which trigger asthmatic attacks. 

Have Fixed-Cushion Sofas

Between pulling up cushions to jumping off sofas, kids can entertain themselves using furniture.  To keep your sanity and their safety, consider using kid-friendly, mid-century modern design sofas with fixed cushions. These sofas keep your living space orderly even when kids are jumping on them all-day long.

Kid Standing on Cork Flooring
Mid-Century Modern Wall Design

Avoid Table Lamps

As we know mid-century modern interior décor uses simple and clean designs helping you to set a kid-friendly space. While table lamps add a next-level aesthetic to your home interior, they are not the best solutions for families with young kids. Kids like to pull on cords and these items can pose a risk to injuring to your children. Alternatives to table lamps include, track lighting, can lights and wall scones. These not only increases the ambient lighting, but no cords are in harm’s way for your kids.

Avoid Heavy Tabletop Decorative Pieces

Try to keep your mid-century modern design simple. Avoid adding heavy decorative pieces or accessories for tables and floors for households having young kids. If decorative décor is important for you, consider using wall art and tapestries.

The days of putting plastic sheets on your furniture all the time to protect it from your children are gone. With our tips, you can make a kid friendly mid-century modern design for your home for you and your family to enjoy.

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